It goes without saying it is important to keep active and fit and exercise regularly not only to make yourself feel good and look good but also it can have a massive effect on your health for both mental and physical changes. For those with limited movement and mobility, it can take its toll especially in the home where you may not always have the strength to go up and down a flight of stairs every day. We can make very simple changes in to our lives especially if we struggle with a physical and mental health condition. Stairlifts are the ideal solution in aiding someone with limited mobility to move around their homes independently and a lot more easily. Whether straight or curved they are an invaluable and practical piece that will allow a person or people to move freely around the home or even in business. However, did you know that having a stairlift installed in a home can improve or help maintain someone’s mental and physical health?

Types of Stairlifts

Modern stairlifts today have a wide variety of features such as an adjustable seat, folding footrest, seat belt, start button, swivel seat, and much more all are there to provide and make life so much easier. Every year thousands of people have issues in the home and difficulty getting up and down the staircase in the home. The best decision you would make would be is to install a stairlift.

A stairlift is a simple product that is battery powered and it enables a person to sit in a seat and it carries them the whole way up the staircase safely and at ease, this way you will not have to walk up the stairs yourself.

There are two main types of stairlifts that can be bought brand new or reconditioned these include straight and curved.

  • Straight stairlift 

A straight stairlift is designed to suit a staircase that goes straight up with no bends or curves. It is easy and quick to install as it only needs to run in a straight line. It operates on a rail that is fitted to the stairs and along a track. It is battery powered and includes all the modern features like a seat and a footrest.

  • Curved stairlift   

A curved stairlift must be designed and customised to suit your stairs at home. If you have curves and more than one landing on your stairs then this is the ideal stairlift for you. Every staircase in a home is different however every stairlift can be designed to suit your requirements. This stairlift also runs on a rail and includes all the modern features that you would need.

What is Positive Mental Health   

Mental health is all about having a positive sense of wellbeing. Positive mental health allows us to believe in our own abilities, enjoy life, enjoy socialising, and cope with the normal day to day stresses in life. It leads to greater enjoyment and one’s satisfaction in life. Not only do we feel better but also, we feel we can take on anything. We can all maintain healthy mental health by eating well, good night’s sleep, exercise, meet and have a chat with friends, and take some well needed time out. For those who may have a physical condition as to where they may need support in walking, well by having a stairlift installed in the home this will have a great positive impact on a person’s life making it easier for them.

Physical Health Benefits of a Stairlift   

When someone has limited mobility and movement, this very often prevents them from moving even to the extent that they already can. For instance, going up and down a staircase, you will tend to make fewer trips to even the foot of the stairs. If someone has arranged things downstairs as to where they will do little walking around, for any long-term condition this can result in insufficient exercise and reduced mobility.

By just installing a stairlift this can open up the whole house. So, let’s take a look at the physical health benefits a stairlift can bring:

  • It will give someone more incentive to walk around the upper floors or even to stairs.
  • Increases activity which can have greater effects on body circulation.
  • Once someone can walk around the entire house again this will provide added valuable exercise to the lungs and heart and also maintain muscle tone.
  • If you have an illness or have had an operation and are in recovery, a stairlift will give you independence again to be able to move around the home easily and it also gives you a goal to aim for.
  • If you have an outdoor stairlift installed in your home, this is also a great way to encourage activity outside the home and be able to access your garden. This way you are getting valuable sunlight and fresh air which have all the benefits of physical mood and health.

Mental Health Benefits of a Stairlift   

There are a lot of people dependent on a career to look after them sometimes the very personal tasks like going, they can become stressed and lead to very often more serious mental health issues like depression. By having a stairlift installed in your home you are giving yourself a lot more independence to move around freely without the need for help. So, let’s take a look at the mental health benefits a stairlift can bring:

  • Reduces stress levels
  • You feel more independent for everyday tasks and can cope on your own which would drastically reduce any anxiety that you may have.
  • You feel happier and more relaxed which in turn it makes a careers job a lot easier and a pleasant task for them
  • Installing the right mobility aid means restoring a sense of control and independence that a person may be missing, therefore reducing the background stress levels.

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