Opening the Yellow Pages and picking at random can certainly find you a counselor – but will it find you the right one? When you’re leaving things up to chance like that, there’s a very real possibility that the counselor you’ve found won’t be the right fit. Each mental health professional has their own personality, credentials, experience and specialty. These characteristics have to mesh well with their clients to ensure the type of medical relationship that fosters positive change and growth.

To help you find the right psychotherapist, we’re going to list 3 resources that you should go to – not a random Google search.

Friends and Family

Word of mouth is the best way for information to spread, because nobody wants to give a friend or relative bad advice when it comes to any type of good or service. The same is true of mental health services. If you know somebody who has undergone or is undergoing counseling, it’s worthwhile to ask them about their experiences. Did they like their counselor? Was their office a comfortable place to be? Would they recommend them to a friend or family member who’s struggling? This is all about honest input, which you may not be able to find in your online queries.

Your General Physician

A general physician tends to your overall health, but they are a great starting point for patients dealing with mental health concerns. In most circumstances, a general physician or family doctor is the one who is most familiar with your health needs. They also tend to be well-connected and aware of mental health professionals within or affiliated with the hospital/practice. Some physicians may be able to even offer you a direct reference!

Find A Counselor

Our unique counselor-finding service connects individuals with the mental health professionals that can best fit into their lives. No two people have the same exact needs and no two therapists have the same experience, credentials and personality. Consider Find A Counselor to be something of a matching service, designed to help you find the mental health professional that suits your needs and makes you feel supported no matter what life throws your way.

It isn’t always easy to admit that you need mental health support from a professional, but don’t despair at the idea. It doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge to find the right mental health care provider for your unique circumstances.


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